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The Energy Navigator is intelligent software who automatically  generates maximum insight in building energy performance with a minimum of data without installing additional hardware.

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About E-Nolis

E-nolis is an independent company established at the campus of the Technical University Eindhoven. E- nolis is a developer of artificial intelligent software for the commercial real estate sector. The combination  of domain knowledge in the field of energy, building physics and thermodynamics with data science and artificial intelligence is unique, and in our opinion necessary to develop unique software.

Looking for a job?
The Energy Navigator team includes 5 team members at the moment, but currently we are looking for expansion of our team. Are you interested in a job at our company or just willing to know more about our company? Don’t hesitate and contact Giel van Giersbergen at 06 18832007.

The Energy Navigator is intelligent software who provides, with a minimum amount of data, maximum insight in energy saving measures including business case. All of this is based on self-developed smart data algorithms. To make it easy for you and your customers we developed an easy three step model:

*Gross floor area, address, year of construction, building function and yearly energy bill.

1. Energy Benchmark:
Do you need an enabler for discussing energy savings with your customer? You can approach the Energy Benchmark via a tablet at the customer site. Sitting at the table you can directly gain insight in energy saving measures by filling in the Energy Benchmark. Do you want to verify the performance of your technical service supplier? The Energy Benchmark gives insight in the performance of your supplier. The Energy Benchmark is also a low entry for energy performance contracts. By giving guarantees based on the outcome of the Energy Benchmark, you directly create a lock in for energy performance contracting. Do you want to become an operational excellent company? Imagine how much cost to acquire you can save by using the Energy Benchmark in tenders and other commercial offers…

All of this can be done by the Energy Benchmark. With just five data points* you gain insight in energy cost and CO2 savings.

2. Energy Analysis:
Based on main energy meter hourly energy consumption data and with one push on the button you get insight in energy saving measures including business case. The Energy analysis:

  • Replaces 60-80% of traditional energy consultancy activities;
  • With one push on the button the data will be automatically visualized and interpreted by our smart data algorithms for more than 200 performance indicators for all known assets in buildings;
  • No additional hardware needs to be installed for doing this analysis;
  • No on-site visual inspection is needed for doing the analysis.

3. Energy Performance Management:
Directly comparing the current building energy performance with a reference year based on just one single key performance indicator.

  • Energy consumption prediction with +/-2% accuracy on building level;
  • Value add for evaluating building energy performance on strategic, tactic and operational level.

Energy Navigator offer

We have two types of offers for the Energy Navigator, namely E-Plus and E-Fix.  Both can be offered differentiated for Energy Benchmark, Energy Analysis and Energy Performance Management or integrally as a package.


Do you have a big data lake? And do you want to add more value to your customers? Than E-Plus is recommended for you. You can “plug in” The Energy Navigator into your platform as a white labelled brand. This way you keep your own corporate identity and you can immediately add more value to your customers.


You don’t own data, but you are serving customers in the commercial real estate sector by optimizing their buildings? You want to do this very efficient with sufficient detail? Then E-Fix is strongly recommended for you. With E-Fix you can do infinite calculations via an online service.

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